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Hey! Pikmin makes brilliant use of amiibo

What other game calls Tom Nook an “uncomfortable swaddler”?

hey! pikmin lead art Arzest/nintendo

Hey! Pikmin might not be the most exciting Nintendo 3DS game out right now — hats off to Miitopia — but its amiibo functionality is the most charming we’ve seen in a long, long time.

There are 42 figures compatible with the 3DS game, according to fan site Mon Amiibo, and each one comes with a unique description. If you’ve played a Pikmin game before, these will be familiar to you; the in-game encyclopedia of collectibles is often the funniest part.

Hey! Pikmin may deviate from the classic real-time strategy formula, but it maintains that sense of humor. Scanning in one of your amiibo renders it as a statue, which is then catalogued and assigned a special name and compendium entry, each one written by Captain Olimar.

Here’s Mario’s — or rather, that of the “Dungareed Colossus”:

Mario hey! pikmin collectible Nintendo via Mon Amiibo

The one about Rosalina swerves from judgmental to respectful real quick:

Rosalina hey pikmin collectible Nintendo via Mon Amiibo

“Fearsome Boss” Bowser’s entry may be the most relatable thing you read today:

Bowser hey! pikmin collectible Nintendo via Mon Amiibo

It’s not just Mario characters that work with Hey! Pikmin, either. Splatoon and Animal Crossing amiibo work, too.

Olimar takes real issue with “Uncomfortable Swaddler” Tom Nook’s dad chic outfit:

Tom Nook hey! pikmin collectible Nintendo via Mon Amiibo

Olimar, like all of us, is a Callie fan. Hope he’s not too upset about what happened to her in Splatoon 2 ...

Callie hey! pikmin collectible Nintendo via Mon Amiibo

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