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New It trailer includes a terrifying reference to Tim Curry’s Pennywise

This is a movie full of Easter eggs

Based on trailers and footage Warner Bros.’ has released from its upcoming adaptation of Stephen King’s It, those who obsessed over the book and original miniseries should be pleased.

In the newest trailer, there is a pretty terrifying scene at the end that includes the new version of Pennywise, played by Bill Skarsgård, standing in a room full of clown dolls. They differ in size and appearance, but all are equally fear-inducing. The scene flashes by pretty quickly, but if you pause it at just the right moment, you may have noticed another familiar version of Pennywise just to the left of Skarsgård’s towering, menacing clown.

It trailer pennywise
Bill Skarsgård’s Pennywise in the middle and Tim Curry’s version of the clown is just to the left.
Warner Bros.

The clown seen just to the left is a miniature version of Tim Curry’s Pennywise from the original miniseries that ran from Nov. 18-20 on ABC in 1990. Often regarded as the best Pennywise adaptation, one of the main concerns diehard Stephen King fans had was whether Skarsgård could pull of a performance of equal believability.

While Skarsgård’s take on Pennywise is certainly different — and appears to be far scarier — it seems like the homage to the original series and the book in question will play a big part in the movie.

Other key points from the novel — like the inclusion of the sadistic Patrick Hockstetter, his notorious fridge and the house on Neibolt Street — will at the very least be mentioned in the film. The house on Neibolt Street, for example, wasn’t included in the original miniseries, but will be in the movie. It’s an important part of the story — which we won’t mention here for the sake of spoilers — and people are happy that it’s finally being included in a retelling of the novel.

There are sure to be other Easter eggs hidden in the film, so be sure to keep an eye out when you venture out to watch it. If you can see through the hands clasped tightly over your eyes, that is.

It will be released on Sept. 8.

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