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Cult classic Night Trap makes its return in August

A date for this wild FMV ride

Night Trap, the notorious 1990s FMV game, is coming to PlayStation 4 and Steam in August. Publisher Screaming Villains announced that a physical copy of the 25th anniversary re-release hits PS4 first on Aug. 11, followed by a digital version on both the console and PC on Aug. 15.

The physical PS4 version comes from Limited Run Games, with cover art that takes after the original Sega CD release. Both standard and collector’s editions are listed as “coming soon” on the retailer’s website; the collector’s set comes with a cassette tape of the game’s theme, a patch and a poster.

An Xbox One port is in the works but remains undated. All three platforms will have new features — like a behind-the-scenes documentary, deleted scenes and “theater” mode — along with the same classic cutscenes that have won over B-movie fans in the past two decades.

Depending on where you stand on full-motion video, Night Trap is either a much-maligned or much-celebrated title. Originally released on Sega CD, among other forgotten platforms, retailers yanked the game from shelves not long after launch for its racy content. The game’s all about playing a voyeur with a strong interest in teen girls, after all; let’s just say that the ’90s were a different time.

The console and PC anniversary edition was originally planned for a springtime release, so the August release date is a little bit later than planned. For Night Trap fans who have spent the last 25 years reminiscing over the game, though, another two weeks won’t be that much longer to wait. Watch the trailer above for a quick look at the game’s return, with an anniversary mini-doc below.