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Pokémon Go’s most useful map helps you find legendaries

GymHuntr’s your guide to Raid Battles

pokemon go raid battle art Niantic/The Pokémon Company

A community-run Pokémon Go mapping site could make it easier to guarantee you get your legendary Pokémon before time runs out. GymHuntr, a service that keeps track of gyms, recently updated to show real-time info about local Raid Battles. That means the site lists out every Pokémon occupying a gym — including limited-time legendaries.

Like a lot of location trackers, GymHuntr has interactive maps of real-world locations. What differentiates it from similar services is its live emphasis on what’s happening at gyms around the world, not just the Pokémon roaming around.

This is especially helpful now that there are legendary Pokémon afoot. Lugia and Articuno, the currently available rare monsters, can only be captured during Raid Battles. If you don’t want to head outside to actually seek out which gyms these guys are occupying, GymHuntr takes care of that. Along with a timer that shows how much time is left for each Raid Battle, there’s updated info on how many trainers are taking part. That should help you plan just how likely you are to really defeat that Articuno you’re after.

gymhuntr pokemon go map
GymHuntr’s live map.

Articuno in particular is only going to be available through next Monday, July 31. After that, look forward to Moltres’ and Zapdos’ weeklong stints in Raid Battles. And for those looking to just catch Pokémon without hitting up a gym for an intense battle, there’s the companion site PokéHuntr, too.

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