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Splatoon’s art book is filled with concept art, comics and more

A splattering of what’s inside

Nintendo/Dark Horse Books

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Splatoon’s first art book is coming to stores next week, and it looks like a must-buy for big fans of the squid-shooter series’ lore. There’s concept art for several favorite characters, squid kid designs to pore over and, coolest of all, several tiny comics that mash all of these personalities together.

Polygon has a preview of several English-language pages from The Art of Splatoon, courtesy of publisher Dark Horse Comics. The book will cost $39.99 at various retailers, like Amazon and Barnes and Noble, when it arrives on July 11. Take a look below to get a taste of some of that classic, stylish Splatoon ink on a new kind of surface. (These pages — and the whole book — are probably a good way to get ready for the upcoming Splatoon 2; the Nintendo Switch game is out July 21, reintroducing us to the wonderful, colorful, ink-splattered world of Inktopolis.

squid sister concept art
Here’s several iterations of Callie and Marie, the fabulous Squid Sisters.
captain cuttlefish concept art
Captain Cuttlefish is one of the less attractive cast members, but even he deserves some spotlight.
splatoon comics
There are several comics like this one that make it into The Art of Splatoon. The book’s release marks the first time they’re out in English.
octarian artwork
We learn a bit of the universe’s background through its art. Here’s the villainous Octarians.
Ah, yes, the good old Inkling Boy and Girl.
Nintendo/Dark Horse Books

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