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Rayman’s lost SNES prototype is available to download

After 24 years, a small bit of the original cancelled Rayman is now playable

A 16-bit Rayman walking along a dark bridge surrounded by whimsical towers
Rayman’s SNES prototype

In October, Rayman creator Michel Ancel uncovered an early prototype for the unreleased Super Nintendo version of the first Rayman — which hadn’t been seen in 24 years — and uploaded screenshots to Instagram. Today, game developer Omar Cornut uploaded that prototype to Dropbox, making it freely accessible for anyone.

Cornut, a game developer and founder of the studio Lizardcube, says he obtained the copy of the game’s early build after reaching out to Ancel. Speaking with Polygon via Twitter, Cornut said that he “Just asked Michel who I know and he kindly let me borrow the cartridge to dump it.”

Cornut has digitally preserved other games in the past, with a focus on Sega’s 8-bit era. This transitioned well into his most recent work as the director for Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap, a remake of the 1989 platformer for Sega Master System.

The Rayman prototype can be played with most SNES emulators. While beautiful and historically significant, it’s far from a complete game. The full download is just 1MB and contains one static area of a level with no enemies or items. Still, it’s a fascinating bit of platforming history, now preserved in perpetuity in digital form.

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