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Pokémon returns to theaters this fall with nostalgia fest I Choose You

A special worldwide, two-day event

pokemon i choose you poster The Pokémon Company

Pokémon’s 20th anniversary movie, Pokémon: I Choose You!, will receive an international theatrical run this November. The much-anticipated film will screen for two days in theaters around the world, The Pokémon Company announced, giving longtime Pokémon lovers a rare opportunity to see the franchise on the big screen.

I Choose You! is a retelling of the Pokémon anime’s beginnings. Ash Ketchum picks up a surly Pikachu from Professor Oak and begins his quest to become a master — but that’s where the similarities between the film and the original TV show end. Instead of Brock and Misty, Ash is joined by trainers named Verity and Sorrel. There’s also Pokémon from beyond the Kanto region in this version of Ash’s origin story, including the new mythical monster Marshadow.

We’ll get to see how this take on the classic Pokémon anime sits with veteran fans on Nov. 5-6, when the film plays throughout the U.S. and elsewhere. Fathom Events, who’s co-producing the screenings, hasn’t announced when ticket pre-orders will open, but keep a look out for them. Although Pokémon films have sporadically appeared in theaters since 2009, the last feature film to get anything close to a wide theatrical release was 2002’s Pokémon Heroes.

Take a look at the English-language I Choose You! poster below.

pokemon i choose you poster The Pokémon Company

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