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The Long Dark is getting a film adaptation

Resident Evil film producer will partner with the Canadian game studio

The Long Dark - sunset in snowy woods Hinterland Studio
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The producer of the Resident Evil series of films, Jeremy Bolt, will partner with Hinterland Studio for a film based on The Long Dark, the single-player survival game set in Canada.

Initially released into Steam’s Early Access program in September 2014 and later on Xbox Game Preview, The Long Dark takes place in a frozen wasteland. A mysterious “quiet apocalypse” has crippled the world’s power grid and players must do their best to survive in the unforgiving wilderness.

The game’s sandbox mode helped fuel more than 1.3 million units in sales, and has made the game a staple of Twitch and YouTube streamers for years. This week marks the release of the first two of five narrative episodes, which will unlock the evening of August 1 on PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One.

The live-action short film — embedded above — is called Elegy and is narrated by Academy Award winner Christopher Plummer. It serves as both a game trailer and a teaser for the film.

“I was immediately taken by the game’s stunningly immersive landscapes, eerily solitary and realistic nature,” Bolt said in a press release. “It is an existential tale of moral, emotional and physical endurance with strong characters to build on; it is also a mystery. It is an honor to try to do justice to it on film.”

What follows are potential spoilers for The Long Dark game, which comes out tomorrow.

The first two episodes of The Long Dark, which will be released together and titled Wintermute, tell the tale of bush pilot Will Mackenzie and Dr. Astrid Greenwood who become lost in the Northern Canadian wilderness after a mysterious storm. The pair must search for each other, all the while dealing with a mysterious series of lights in the sky. In the trailer the storm appears to make lights and other electrical devices flicker in an uncanny way.

“I describe Elegy as a visual poem”, said the game’s creative director, Raphael van Lierop, in the same press release. “I think Elegy stands as an example of the level of quality and the overall tone I’d like to deliver in The Long Dark film.”

Van Lierop is expected to write the script. No director or actors have yet been named.

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