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Fire Emblem Warriors trailer adds magic and axes to the fray

It’s not just swords all the time

Fire Emblem Warriors won’t only have swordsmen to play around with, and the game’s latest trailer gives us our first taste of how its diverse roster plays. Several heroes from Fire Emblem Awakening, like axe-wielder Lissa and black mage Robin, make their first appearance, diversifying the gameplay.

The Nintendo 3DS game’s roster has a large presence in Fire Emblem Warriors, reportedly due to the size and scope of its character classes. We see a few of those for the first time here: Robin uses spells to clear out enemy forces, while Lissa and the cavalry knight Frederick throw down their axes to intimidate foes.

But some fan-favorite swordsmen are also among the Warriors cast, as we see in the trailer. Alongside the previously revealed Chrom is Lucina, the warrior from another timeline who first appears as the mysterious masked “Marth.” Warriors will stick with that storyline, it seems, as we get plenty of Lucina with both her mask and without in this short teaser.

Unlike previous Fire Emblem games, it’s a real-time, hack-and-slash action title, made in the mold of Koei Tecmo’s Dynasty Warriors. But the developer is using these familiar characters and their varied skillsets to help ease Fire Emblem fans into the genre a bit. We’ll see how that works when Fire Emblem Warriors launches on Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch this fall.

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