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Splatoon 2 has a little bit of Miiverse built in

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Today’s Nintendo Direct presentation was all about Splatoon 2. Buried inside a dense assortment of new weapons, features and a bevy of social options was just an inkling of the long lost Miiverse.

Nintendo showed off a mailbox in Splatoon 2 where players are able to make and share drawings with each other, just like they could on the Wii U. It even promised integration with outside social media accounts.


Player drawings show up in-game as well. They appear randomly inside battle stages and in the game’s hub location, Inkopolis Square.

The functionality is reminiscent of the Miiverse, a social suite that Nintendo admitted earlier this year would not be making an appearance on the Nintendo Switch. Instead, many games are getting companion apps, including Splatoon 2. SplatNet 2, part of the existing Nintendo Switch Online app, is a mobile service that will allow players to keep track of their progress and view the stats of other players.

No word on if the doodling function will be available there as well, or if it exists solely at in-game mail boxes.

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