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Splatoon 2’s new hosts, Pearl and Marina, are already fan favorites

The pop duo, Off the Hook, is gaining fans already

Pearl and Marina

Nintendo introduced Splatoon 2's new Splatfest hosts, Marina and Pearl, during a livestream earlier today. These two are part of a pop duo called Off the Hook, and Splatoon fans already are obsessed with Inkopolis’ hottest musical act.

With Callie and Marie, the first game’s pop superstars, being a part of the game’s single player mode, Pearl and Marina will be our hosts for Splatoon 2’s multiplayer offerings for the foreseeable future.

The YouTube stream’s live chat moved at a feverish pace once the duo appeared on screen for the first time. Fans seemed to fall in love with them instantly. On Twitter, the sentiment about Marina and Pearl is overwhelmingly positive.

Players really appreciate how much the duo seem like a team, instead of two sisters who routinely argue, like Callie and Marie. That’s not to say that Callie and Marie weren’t a lovable pair. Of course, a favorite has already emerged among the two: Marina. Some of the chatter has been friendly, while others have been putting down Pearl in their quest to show off their devotion for Marina. Others have been more civil about the discourse.

Comparisons between Off the Hook and Callie and Marie are flying all over Twitter at the moment. Players are already invested in these characters — and hope to see both duos becoming friends one day.

Nintendo has even released some teaser music from the Off the Hook. Hopefully we’ll hear even more of their music as Marina and Pearl will be our hosts for Splatfests for at least the next two years.

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