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The Wonderful 101 on Nintendo Switch tease fires up fans

PlatinumGames’ Twitter is all about provocation

The Wonderful 101 PlatinumGames

A post from PlatinumGames’ new Japanese Twitter account has fans convinced that The Wonderful 101, a cult-beloved Wii U game, could be on its way to Nintendo Switch.

Official art on the studio’s account shows a group of players — including Hideki Kamiya, The Wonderful 101’s director — playing The Wonderful 101. But they’re not holding Wii remotes or the Wii U GamePad; each players is using what appear to be Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers.

The tweet fails to mention the controller swap, but PlatinumGames’ followers caught onto the Switch reference. The replies are rife with fans begging the studio to port over The Wonderful 101 to Nintendo’s latest home console, perhaps giving a better home to the fan-favorite title.

platinumgames twitter replies
People want The Wonderful 101 — or The Wonderful 102 — on Switch, ASAP.

The Wonderful 101 didn’t set the world on fire when it launched in 2013. The game sold poorly on Wii U, although it had a positive reputation with some action fans. Its combination of superheroes, classic Platinum-style action and a comic book vibe helped to leave an impression on the studio’s fans, however.

Those same fans have felt played by PlatinumGames all week, since just after it opened the new Japanese Twitter account. A new piece of art based on the Bayonetta games used a red and blue color scheme, which some followers thought was a reference to the neon Nintendo Switch Joy-Con set.

But the studio has said nothing about bringing any of the above games to the Switch. What Platinum has confirmed is that it has at least one project in development for the console, which it referred to as “interesting” back in May.

As much as we’d love a new game from Platinum, it’s clear that the studio’s biggest devotees wouldn’t mind playing some older ones again on a new piece of hardware.