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Game of Thrones is coming to Hulu, but it will cost you

Hulu subscribers can soon pay more for HBO access

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Chelsea Stark (she/her), executive editor, has been covering video games for more than a decade.

Hulu subscribers will be able to pay to add HBO live and on-demand content starting today, just in time for Game of Thrones to return this July.

For an extra $14.99 a month, Hulu subscribers can add HBO’s live feeds from the East and West coasts, as well as on-demand stream of all of HBO’s programming. It also includes on-demand access to bigger movie releases currently playing on HBO; the press release mentioned films like X-Men: Apocalypse, The Boss and Suicide Squad.

Hulu is also offering the option to add Cinemax on top of HBO for $9.99, which also includes live and on-demand options. The Hulu press release also mentioned live access to HBO 2, HBO Family, HBO Latino, HBO Comedy, HBO Signature HD, HBO Zone, MoreMAX HD, ActionMAX HD, ThrillerMAX HD, MovieMAX HD, 5StarMAX HD and OuterMAX HD will become available “within the coming weeks.”

The only main obvious difference between this service and an HBO Now subscription — also available for $14.99 a month — is the addition of live feeds. HBO Now is a purely on-demand app, but Hulu has expanded into live TV in the last few months with Hulu Live. The service, currently in beta, costs $39.99 a month.

Game of Thrones returns to HBO on July 16.