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Terry Crews is not Doomfist, breaking Overwatch fans’ hearts

“Man, you deceived me!”

doomfist screen Blizzard Entertainment

Despite months of campaigning, Terry Crews has not joined the cast of Overwatch. The beloved football player-turned-actor and his fans rallied for Crews to voice Doomfist, a long-rumored Overwatch hero — but now that Doomfist is here, that dream is over.

Blizzard Entertainment hasn’t said who the man behind Doomfist is yet, but the hero’s origin video makes it clear that it’s not Crews at the mic. That’s not shocking; Crews is a busy dude with a big salary. But this wasn’t some “Danny DeVito as Detective Pikachu”-level fan crusade. Crews said himself that he wanted to voice the brawny hero, going so far as to film mock audition tapes and ask fans to lobby the company on his behalf.

“Who wants to hear me do the voice of Doomfist for real??” Crews tweeted in January, to the tune of 21,000 likes and counting. Those fans are the same ones bemoaning today’s Crews-less update to the Public Test Region, which adds Doomfist as Overwatch’s newest playable hero.

Whoever the actual voice actor is, though, has been praised for his part thus far. He’s no Crews, but he’s our Doomfist, and we’ll love him just the same.

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