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Live-action Bleach’s first teaser is short and not-so-sweet

Take a 20-second look at Ichigo

A live-action adaptation of Bleach is heading to theaters next year, but the first teaser is already out. Warner Bros. Entertainment Japan uploaded a very short look at the anime and manga series’ star, Ichigo Kurasaki, fending off some computer-generated evil spirits.

That’s ... pretty much all there is to this clip, which spends more time setting up the Bleach film’s aesthetic than the live-action version of its world. There’s plenty of that hard rock score to enjoy, even if we get just the shortest glimpse at what Ichigo looks like in motion. With this video currently unlisted, perhaps there’s a longer trailer on its way.

Bleach ran for 15 years in Shonen Jump, Japan’s biggest manga magazine. The series follows the teenage Ichigo, who has the power to see ghosts. He joins up with another supernaturally gifted fighter, Rukia, to take down dangerous lost souls threatening to overwhelm the human realm.

The series gained a huge fanbase, in part thanks to its accompanying anime. The show wrapped after almost 400 episodes in 2012. The feature film will follow the anime more closely than the manga, although details are still light ahead of its summer 2018 release date. A Western release for the film has not been announced.

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