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Summer Games Done Quick closes with another record, see the best runs here

$1.7 million raised for Doctors Without Borders

Games Done Quick Speed Demos Archive

The seventh edition of the speedrunning festival Summer Games Done Quick ended early this morning with another record: $1.7 million raised and donated to the charity Doctors Without Borders.

As usual, the final tally should rise slightly as more donations filter in, but $1,760,857.89 was raised from 30,041 donors over the weeklong extravaganza, which is more than half a million dollars over the previous year.

Summer Games Done Quick featured more than 130 speedrun attempts. We've got some highlights below, but the full list of videos-on-demand for SGDQ 2017 can be found on the speedrun subreddit.

In no particular order, here are:

Dark Souls by BubblesDelFuego (any percent) in 29:05.

Super Meat Boy, an any-percent race run by warm_ham and Fimbz, won in 21:14.

A 120-star run of Super Mario 64, finished in 1:41:40 by cheese05

VVVVVV, a 100 percent race run by FieryBlizzard and Chadwell, won in 17:42.

Superhot, an any-percent run by Bullets in 20:37

1001 Spikes, an any-percent run completed in 23:40 by doubletaco

Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment, finished in 45:02 (any percent) by MunchaKoopas

Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver, run in 2:36:24 (any percent) by Keizaron.

Half-Life (any percent) in 36:08, by alexh0we

And Doom (the 2016 game) uncovering all secrets in 1:18:35 by TheFuncannon

Summer Games Done Quick is organized by Speed Demos Archive, whose semiannual series raises money for charity. The next event will be Awesome Games Done Quick in the winter of 2018. AGDQ raised $2.2 million for the Prevent Cancer Foundation this year.

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