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Warframe adds an open-world area later this year

The Eidolons will arrive at night

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Warframe will get an open world area later this year that makes the cooperative third-person shooter even more like an MMO.

The new areas, called Landscapes, were revealed at the game's second TennoCon (so named for the warriors whom players control in the game). The Landscapes will be included in the Plains of Eidolon expansion coming later to the game later this year.

PC Gamer has more detail in a Q&A with Rebecca Ford, the community manager for Digital Extremes, the publisher of the game. "The intent since day one was to take leaps, create and add to the game in an organic way where we listen to and surprise our players," she told PC Gamer, "so in a way the game has evolved into a mash of genres that we didn't necessarily plan specifically, but so far we've managed to make sense of."

Warframe has been played on procedurally generated levels; Landscapes will put it in a specifically constructed environment with a day-night cycle and a town called Cetus where players can meet quest-giving NPCs.

The day night cycle is meant to vary Warframe's gameplay from the experience it has been since its 2013 launch — battling the mindless Grineer clones during the day and now, at night, taking on the Eidolons, huge enemies that will require teamwork to defeat.

The instances introduced by Plains of Eidolon will support up to 50 players. The expansion does not yet have a specific launch date, but there is much more detail about what it includes at this recap of Tennocon on Warframe's official site and in a 17-minute gameplay demonstration below.

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