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Please enjoy some giant Pikachu running the world’s cutest relay race

May their reign never end

Fact: The world does not deserve the glorious giant Pikachu. These costumed mascots make a good Pokémon much, much better, even when they’re deflating or shilling for vending machines. Their latest gig is starring in a pair of commercials for SoftBank, a major Japanese telecom company — and, unsurprisingly, they’ll brighten your day as much as four espresso shots and 15 hugs.

The shorter one is above, running a breezy 18 seconds. If you’ve ever wanted to see a pack of Pikachu jump rope together, here you go:

They’re as successful as you’d expect them to be, what with those stubby legs and all. But below is the main event, the one that shows the giant Pikachu at their finest.

This relay race is the stuff of dreams, with the Pikachu jogging toward the finish line like their little hearts depend on it. Yet even though this is a competition, the Pikachu maintain their sunshine-y demeanors. There is no one winner; all of us are the winners when giant Pikachu are around.

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