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SNES Classic pre-orders open later this month, Nintendo confirms

And you’ll get another chance on launch day, too

SNES Classic Edition - right top angle view Samit Sarkar/Polygon

You’ll be able to pre-order the Super Nintendo Classic Edition starting later this month, Nintendo announced. Following some confusion surrounding pre-orders for the mini-console, the company confirmed on Facebook that a number of stores will take early purchases in late August.

Should you miss out on those pre-orders — which we expect to go quickly, considering how hyped-up the SNES Classic is — Nintendo added that buyers will still have a chance to grab the system when it’s released.

“A significant amount of additional systems will be shipped to stores for launch day, and throughout the balance of the calendar year,” the company wrote in the post.

Wal-Mart caused a stir in late July when it flipped the pre-order switch late on a Friday night, allowing customers the chance to put money down for the SNES Classic. The company later said that this was an accidental move, canceling all pre-orders made during the window.

Target has already confirmed that it will make a shipment available for pre-order sometime ahead of the SNES Classic’s Sept. 29 launch. We’ll keep you posted whenever that happens.

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