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Long-awaited Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back ‘Revisited’ fan edit finally available

A classic film gets an extensive makeover


The Adywan fan-edit of Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back is finally available, although you may have to jump through a few hoops to track it down.

The Revisited releases differ from the Despecialized Editions in that the goal isn’t just to get as close to the original versions of the film as possible, but to improve them using original photography and effects work.

How as all this done? New models were created for this version of the film, with certain shots “upgraded” significantly using a variety of methods. The aim is to produce something that’s closer to “what the special editions should have been,” according to the official page.

You can check out an extensive list of changes if you’re curious. This is an interpretation of Empire Strikes Back that attempts, as much as possible, to stay true to the original film while “fixing” many of the effects. The color grading has also been adjusted, along with certain fixes for continuity errors.

The result is a film that may be more subjective than definitive, but that offers a fascinating and often superior experience to the official releases and many of the existing fan edits. This is a big deal for Star Wars fans who have been following this project for years.

So how do you get it? You’ll have to get creative, and the legality of the release is questionable.

“We DO NOT support piracy,” the official Facebook page explains. “Please don't ask us for copies of the DVD or offer us any money or anything else in return for a copy. We will refuse every time. We did not set out to do this project for anything other than enjoyment and wanting to share an alternate version of the films. We have purchased the official versions of the films, so we would like you to do so too.”

The Facebook page also includes a list of links that may have been taken down by the time you read this, and point to the 8 GB 720p x264 .mkv file, with burnable versions of barebones releases coming later, followed by releases that include full menus.

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