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Undertale’s trophies are perfectly hilarious

‘Don’t worry, I have lots of ideas for trophies’

undertale screenshot Toby Fox

Undertale didn’t have any achievements in its original PC release, but now that it’s on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, it’s got a very, very good list of trophies. In keeping with the game’s snarky tone, developer Toby Fox and the team at 8-4 added some on-brand trophies that makes the journey to that platinum trophy hilarious.

Here are the highlights, courtesy of a tweet that went viral just prior to the console ports’ launch:

A silver trophy for getting four items? Sweet. But that aside, we appreciate Fox’s self-referential humor here. The designer was pointedly against the idea of adding achievements just for the sake of having them in the game’s original release. Mocking the very idea of trophies is totally fitting.

The icing on the cake is the platinum trophy, which really puts a fine point on how Fox feels about the pursuit for virtual achievements:

undertale platinum trophy Toby Fox via PSN Profiles

To be fair, getting that platinum trophy doesn’t seem hard. Aside from collecting items, players can unlock trophies just for arriving at required locations or donating money to a new Dog Shrine area, seen below. The latter’s a bit of a time commitment, but it’s a piece of new content that should both satisfy trophy obsessives and Undertale diehards.

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