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Awful Squad: A Chicken Dinner in PUBG?

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Maybe the Awful Squad is getting slightly less awful

Who would have thought that just having a pro-level eLeaguer like Jake Lear in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds would make all the difference? Yes, after an extended break, we’re back at it with a large crew of folks from across the swath of Polygon and beyond.

Today’s Awful Squad attendees include:

  • Griffin McElroy
  • Patrick Gill
  • Clayton Ashley
  • Russ Frushtick
  • Chris Plante
  • Justin McElory
  • Simone de Rochefort
  • Jake Lear
  • Travis McElroy
  • Charlie Hall

No idea what Awful Squad is? Play catch-up with the series, as a bunch of Polygon staffers and friends team up for some truly terrible matches of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

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