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Play Warframe studio’s new hero shooter, The Amazing Eternals, later this month

A closed beta is coming Aug. 29

Michael McWhertor is a journalist with more than 17 years of experience covering video games, technology, movies, TV, and entertainment.

Digital Extremes, the studio behind the enduring free-to-play shooter Warframe, has another action game in the works called The Amazing Eternals, and you can get your hands on it on soon. The developer will kick off a closed beta for The Amazing Eternals, which blends a pulpy fantasy hero shooter with a deck-building card game, on Aug. 29.

Players can sign up for the closed beta for a chance to partake. Digital Extremes is also offering instant access to the beta to those who purchase a Founders Pack.

In the closed beta announcement video above, The Amazing Eternals lead designer Allen Goode explains how the hybrid hero FPS/deck-building game will work.

“You get to build decks with these cards and then you draw and play them that in the order that you choose throughout the match,” Goode said. “From weapons to power ups to traps and turrets, the decks you build with influence and reflect your own gameplay style.”

Digital Extremes said The Amazing Eternals will blend science fiction, Western and fantasy themes, taking “campy, pulpy ideas but [treating] them with absolute seriousness and respect and sort of appreciation.”

The Amazing Eternals was originally announced earlier this year under a different name, Keystone. The game was previously playable in a closed alpha state in May under that name.