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Nintendo Switch bundle brings a fresh new Joy-Con color stateside

It’s a retail exclusive

neon pink and neon green joy-con for Splatoon 2 Nintendo

A Nintendo Switch bundle is heading to Walmart next month, with Splatoon 2 and related accessories in the box. For $379.99, shoppers can pick up the system, a carrying case, a download code for the game — and those Splatoon-themed neon green and neon pink Joy-Con controllers.

The console package will go on sale in North America on Sept. 8, Nintendo said in a release. Just prior to that, Splatoon 2 will have a new Splatfest event to ring in the bundle. The theme: flight versus invisibility, two superpowers that will likely apply to how fast and how scarce these bundles will be once they hit shelves.

Nintendo revealed the new colors of Joy-Con during a Splatoon 2 presentation earlier this year, just prior to the game’s launch. Until now, the color schemes were limited to Europe and Japan in similar Splatoon 2 Switch bundles. Although the company hasn’t announced plans to sell them separately yet, new Switch owners can get them exclusively through the bundle.

nintendo switch splatoon bundle
The Wal-Mart bundle.

This is the first official Switch bundle from Nintendo. With the system in limited stock since launch, retailers have taken it upon themselves to offer their own bundles. These often include a game and some random accessories, with prices reaching as much as $500 for the package.

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