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In honor of Sonic Mania, a classic Sonic rapper drops a new single

Knuckles gets another solid rap — yes, another one

Hear me out: That rap from one of Sonic Adventure 2’s most infuriating levels, Pumpkin Hill? It’s good. It’s very, very good. Criticisms be damned; that tune is a banger.

Maybe the lyrics are kind of dumb, and maybe it’s impossible to listen to this track without thinking about how annoying it was to hunt down Chaos Emeralds ... but this corny rap is undeniably sticky. You can’t argue with me on that, folks. It’s just facts.

We have the artist Hunnid Pacent to thank for this song, officially known as “A Ghost’s Pumpkin Soup ... for Pumpkin Hill.” Just as Sonic the Hedgehog and co. are back with Sonic Mania, so too is the rapper with another Sonic-centric jam, although this one doesn’t score any part of the game.

Instead, the song up top is a tribute to both the game and Knuckles, one of its co-stars. Knuckles was the hero of Pumpkin Hill Zone, so Hunnid Pacent makes sure to once again celebrate the echidna with the new song.

It’s Hunnid Pacent’s first time making something for the franchise since Sonic Adventure 2, which somehow turns 16 years old this year. (Although he did release a song that’s decidedly less solid, “I’m Always Wit It,” with a video partially made up of Sonic X clips. It’s ... it’s something, alright.)

I’d say it’s only fitting that Sonic Mania — a game that launched to stellar reviews this week and is the best reviewed Sonic title since that old Dreamcast classic — is the one to bring Hunnid Pacent running back.

Hey may not take another 16 years to compose a Knuckles theme, though. The top comment on the Sonic Mania tribute video?

hunnid pacent comments on his new sonic mania song YouTube

I will be the first — maybe only? — person to say that I am here for it.

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