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How to access and use Sonic Mania’s debug mode

It’s like Mario Maker with Sonic

Sonic Mania’s debug mode can get wild

Sonic Mania lets you have a lot of fun with the game, even before you gain access to many of the unlockable extras. Right from the beginning, you can access every level and a debug menu that will seriously let you get weird with the game.

The debug mode enables full flight around every level, plus you can add a whole mess of objects to the stage at the press of a button. Want to flood your screen with dozens of enemies or rings? Debug mode is where your fantasies become reality.

How to access Sonic Mania’s debug mode

Uh oh, Sonic

If you’ve followed our Sonic Mania level select guide, then you already know how to access this mode. If not, here’s what you need to do to get into debug mode:

  • From the mode select menu, exit out to the title screen
  • As the title screen loads, hold B+Y on the Switch (other platforms to be confirmed) until the “press any button” prompt appears
  • While still holding those buttons, press any button to enter level select
  • Select any level
  • Once in any level, press X and you’ve just entered debug mode!

Debug mode has some unique features once you’re in it. For starters, you can fly around the level at will. Secondly, there are a few specific button commands (currently confirmed on the Switch) that will let you do some fun stuff:

  • Pressing B will switch what available item you can place
  • Pressing Y will place the item you have selected
  • If you press A when the power box is selected, it will change the type of power up you can drop

The game can only handle so many objects, so you may notice some of them disappear if you drop a whole bunch. You’re also limited to dropping enemies and items specific to each stage, so no weird mixing and matching!

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