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Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon’s trailer shows off a very different Alola

Get ready to learn more about Necrozma

When Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon launch later this year, fans will get to see a new side of the Alola Region. A trailer for the upcoming Nintendo 3DS games hints that the tropical area hides some much darker secrets — with a legendary Pokémon casting a mysterious shadow over the land.

First, the good stuff: The original starter trio from Pokémon Sun and Moon return, although players have a new pair of trainers to choose between and customize. Take a look at this pair:

pokemon ultra sun and moon characters The Pokémon Company/Nintendo

There will also be some new forms of other familiar Pokémon. An earlier release revealed Lycanroc’s Dusk Form, which reappears in the latest look at the games. Details on how to acquire it remain murky, however.

The Z-Ring and accompanying Z-Moves also return, and it will come with some big upgrades. Expect new powers and power-ups to appear throughout Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

It’s on the story level that things get darker. The legendary Pokémon Necrozma plays a much larger role in these adventure games, with players seeking out its connection to the darkening sky that’s covering the beautiful Alola. An updated map shows one heck of a creepy cloud making its way toward the island:

alola region map The Pokémon Company/Nintendo

There will be new characters to help steer players in the right direction, as well, although we know little about them or the story at large. We’ll keep learning more before the games launch on Nov. 17.

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