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Pokémon fans find possible old-school tease in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon trailer

If you’ve played Red or Blue, you might have seen it too

vermilion city gym from pokemon red/blue Game Freak/Nintendo

The new Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon trailer is mostly light on details, but one scene in particular has fans convinced that the games are bringing back a classic location: Kanto. After myriad hints at the original Pokémon games’ setting in last year’s Sun and Moon, a single shot from today’s teaser suggests those might not have just been Easer eggs.

A quick clip during the teaser’s montage introduces the self-proclaimed “star” Ryuki, a character with a huge hairdo that players will come across during their adventure. We’re not sure who Ryuki is yet — other than someone made of 80 percent hair — but that’s not important yet. What fans are seizing on is that he appears to be in Lt. Surge of Vermilion City’s iconic gym.

It’s immediately recognizable to longtime Pokémon players. The conceit of Lt. Surge’s gym was that it was filled with trash cans, each one containing a switch that controlled electrical traps. We only see the bins in Ultra Sun and Moon for a passing moment, but they do look remarkably similar in setup to those in Vermilion City’s gym.

The hope here is that we’ll actually get to head back to Kanto in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, something that hasn’t been possible since the second-gen Pokémon games. Sun and Moon’s copious Kanto callbacks felt intentional, and not just like fan teasers — so speculative players may be onto something.

At the same time, it’s just as possible that this is another reference, or that Ryuki is just a hardcore Lt. Surge fan. The electric-type Kanto gym leader did have a similar penchant for iconic haircuts, after all.

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon launch on Nintendo 3DS on Nov. 17.

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