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Switch owners weigh in on an iconic debate: Are hot dogs sandwiches?

Switch owners have thoughts, and Nintendo may not agree

Competitive Eaters Square Off At Fourth of July Hot Dog-Eating Contest David Paul Morris/Getty Images

Nintendo posed an important question to Switch owners several weeks ago: Is a hot dog a sandwich? It’s one of society’s most contentious debates, one with no clear-cut answer. But the results of the company’s poll are in — and Nintendo doesn’t seem so happy about them.

In a June Ask Me Anything session on Reddit with Super Mario Odyssey producer Yoshiaki Koizumi, fans first prompted the polarizing debate. When asked if Koizumi thought that a hot dog “counts as a sandwich,” his response was a flat “no.”

“But what are your thoughts on the matter?” Nintendo asked on the Switch news channel weeks later. A poll with two choices — “Great!” if you thought a tube of meat on a cylindrical bun was a sandwich, “Oh” if you didn’t — went up, with the company’s promise to share the majority ruling in a later update.

A post on the Nintendo Switch news channel this week has that final tally, with 54 percent of respondees saying that, yes, hot dogs are sandwiches.

“This is a stunning victory for sandwiches everywhere,” the post reads. “But take heart, non-sandwichers: Mr. Koizumi, the director of the Super Mario Odyssey game, sided with you during a Reddit AMA.”

It’s nice to have Koizumi in our corner, but it bears repeating that a hot dog stands apart. That’s what the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council argued in 2015, when it offered its official stance on what it called a “deep philosophical divide.”

“A hot dog is an exclamation of joy, a food, a verb describing one ‘showing off’ and even an emoji,” the Council wrote. “It is truly a category unto its own.”

We also like competitive eater Takeru Kobayashi’s answer from an interview with Bleacher Report earlier this summer:

hot dogs are not sandwiches you fools
You heard it here, folks.
Bleacher Report

We can’t argue with that one. Sorry, Switch voters — you’re just plain wrong.