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Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon’s photo mode is cute as heck

It’s also kinda dumb, but at least it’s cute!

We’re getting plenty of Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon news today, including a look at one of the games’ new features. The Alola region has installed some photography centers — or, excuse me, Photo Clubs — since last year’s Sun and Moon, so players can take some nice portraits with their best Pokémon friends.

Game Informer has the exclusive, which it showed off in a gameplay video. The photography feature has stickers, different backgrounds, outfits to try on and various poses for players and Pokémon to do.

It’s ... ridiculous, obviously. But hopefully it will redeem Popplio, the much-maligned starter who looks super cute in the mode’s debut footage. The whole thing reminds us of an expanded version of Pokémon X and Y’s Trainer PR mode, which let players take self-portraits and even construct some truly weird videos.

We’ll soon see just how comprehensive Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon’s photo mode is — there are still a lot of unanswered questions about the Nintendo 3DS games, after all. Please remember to share your photos with us when the games launch on Nov. 17.