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Sonic Mania giant ring locations

Where to find them to get those Chaos Emeralds

PagodaWest Games/Sega Sega

The Chaos Emeralds are a large part of Sonic’s lore and of course, Sonic Mania has plenty of them hidden across all of the game’s levels. To access the brand new bonus stages to get Chaos Emeralds, you need to find a giant ring hidden somewhere in each stage.

Since the levels in Sonic Mania are much larger than they have ever been, finding those giant rings can be a hassle. To help you find those rings, we’ll be compiling the best resources which reveal most of the locations of each giant ring.

As a reminder, there are only seven Chaos Emeralds to find, but Sonic Mania has multiple rings scattered around the game to accommodate the multiple paths and playable characters. We’ll be updating this post as soon as we find more Chaos Emeralds.

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