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Two Pokémon Go players take down a legendary in one impressive fight

Moltres hasn’t even been around for three days yet

Pokémon Go’s multiplayer Raid Battles are meant to be the most challenging part of the game, but players are already finding ways to take them down in no time at all. Although up to 20 trainers can work together to fight high-level monsters, a pair of players was able to defeat the game’s newest legendary Pokémon, the fire-type Moltres, with little trouble.

It’s important to note that player boushinshi, who captured the fight, and his partner were both at level 40, the game’s level cap. But even so, Moltres shouldn’t be an easy fight; it has more than 40,000 combat power, meaning it can really dish out the attacks.

But the pair was able to whittle down Moltres’ health bar to zero in less than two minutes by throttling it with some Golem, a rock-type Pokémon that players regularly recommend for these legendary Raid Battles. Since the game’s first legendary Pokémon were released, hardcore Pokémon Go fans have devised strategies that should work with all four, so many already had a sense of what team lineup to use once Moltres rolled out.

Trios have had no problem taking down Moltres since the Pokémon launched on Monday, with several posting their success stories to The Silph Road subreddit. But the duo challenge was expected to take much, much more time. That it’s already been accomplished in just under 72 hours is one of the most impressive things we’ve seen in Pokémon Go to date.