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Overcooked on Switch has some major frame rate problems

One could say it’s “undercooked”

Overcooked is one of our favorite local multiplayer games, and it’s perfectly suited for the Nintendo Switch. But now that it’s available on the console, players have found the game’s performance to be lackluster at best.

Eurogamer’s tech analysis blog Digital Foundry went into the nitty-gritty of Overcooked’s Switch port, and saw some severe frame rate dips. Despite hitting a stable 30 frames per second on other platforms, “most of the game is played at roughly 23-24 fps” on Switch, according to Digital Foundry.

For a game about frantically running around a kitchen to prepare fast food orders before it all goes to hell, any kind of slowdown can be punishing. Not all Overcooked players are picking up on these frame rate issues, which is good; here’s an anecdotal report of the single-player mode being poorly optimized, while the multiplayer mode runs just fine:

The game’s Twitter account has responded to players who have asked if a fix was in the works.

A representative for publisher Team17 told Digital Foundry that an update to fix the problems is on the way.

The developer is “currently working on an update to improve the frame-rate issues folks have been seeing and [we’re] hoping to roll out any changes as soon as we’re able to,” the rep said.

Disappointing as these technical problems may be, we’d still emphatically recommend Overcooked. Once it’s running at optimal speed on Switch, it will be an essential party game.

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