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Final Fantasy 15 heads to PC next year

Another way to play

Final Fantasy 15 is coming to a new platform in early 2018: Windows PC. Square Enix announced that it will release the 2016 role-playing game exclusively on Windows during partner Nvidia’s Gamescom press conference.

Square Enix will use the Nvidia Gameswork tech suite to optimize the Final Fantasy 15 experience for PC, so expect a much higher quality graphical experience with the Windows port. Final Fantasy 15 Windows Edition will also support the GeForce Experience share tools package, allowing for in-game photos and ShadowPlay highlights.

Final Fantasy 15 Windows Edition will also receive bonus content originally released as part of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions’ paid season pass, as well as the console versions’ subsequent free updates. There will even be a first-person mode available when the game launches next year, according to its Steam Store page.

Best of all, this is the rad cover art Squre Enix is attaching to Windows Edition:

final fantasy 15 windows edition art Square Enix

Sweet. Final Fantasy 15 launches on PC sometime early next year.

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