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An adorable dog won EA’s Gamescom press conference

Jiffpom, we love you

It's not every year that an industry press conference moves the crowd to tears, but it's also not every year that Electronic Arts brings out an adorable dog on stage. Jiffpom, a social media star who has more than six million Instagram followers, easily won the day with his brief appearance promoting The Sims 4's next expansion during EA's Gamescom presser.

The Sims 4 will soon include dogs and cats — customizable ones! — which look cute enough. But are they as cute as Jiffpom? It's hard to say just yet, but my kneejerk reaction is "no." What can be? Jiffpom is a perfect, tiny Pomeranian; few pups, virtual or otherwise, compare.

I can say on the record that the crowded auditorium where Jiffpom joined EA to talk Sims cooed uproariously as the little guy pawed at his chair. When The Sims 4's dogs and cats showed on screen? Yeah, sure, we all said "aww" once or twice. But I still have tears in my eyes from being in Jiffpom's mere presence.

If I remember anything about Gamescom 2017 — nay, the entire year of gaming press conferences — it will be the cuteness of Jiffpom. Watch and relive the moment for yourself above.

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