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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy collectibles guide: Chapter 4 ‘The Western Ghats’ treasures

How to collect all of the treasures to unlock all of the extras

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The treasures that you find while playing Uncharted: The Lost Legacy can unlock bonus content — things like outfits for the games’ main characters, weapons or game modifiers. Chapter 4 “The Western Ghats” has 19 treasures for you to find. The unlockable add-ons cost unlock points, and each treasure you find earns you two unlock points.

There are 68 treasures scattered across the game’s nine chapters (you’ll collect the first one during a cut scene in the prologue, so it’s not included in these guides). Finding them all is a daunting task, but we’re here to help.

Chapter 4: “The Western Ghats” treasures

There are 19 treasures in this Uncharted: The Lost Legacy chapter. This chapter (and area) are different than the others — it’s unstructured and you can do it in any order. And it’s a big, wide-open area, so it’s really hard to describe where things are. Happily, this is also the only chapter where you get a map.

Chapter 4 “The Western Ghats” treasure locations

Use the map above to find the approximate locations of the treasures, then use the numbered gallery below to orient yourself.

  1. Medieval Indian Lock and Key.
  2. Rosewood Spice Box.
  3. Serpents and Ladders Game.
  4. Ancient Stone Jar.
  5. Trinket Box.
  6. Ivory Casket.
  7. Stag Horn Box.
  8. Jade Archer’s Ring.
  9. Metal Tiger Claws.
  10. Silver Goblet.
  11. Hoysala Kukri.
  12. Inscribed Copper Plate.
  13. Hoysala Coin.
  14. Jade Pendant.
  15. Nagfani Horn.
  16. Engraved Gourd Jar.
  17. Butterfly Trinket.
  18. Leather Covered Binoculars.
  19. Miniature Bronze Cannon.

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