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Dragon Ball FighterZ resurrects the android saga next February

A trailer to remind you that Android 18 is the best

Dragon Ball FighterZ is launching in February, Bandai Namco Entertainment announced alongside the game’s latest trailer. Fans of the series’ Cell saga — which introduced a band of superpowered androids into the mix — will especially find much to love in the fighting game’s story campaign next winter, as seen in this Gamescom teaser.

The premise of both the teaser and the FighterZ story mode is that the androids have returned to the fight. Android 16, Android 17 and Android 18 (the coolest one of the bunch; please don’t fight us on this) are among the playable characters joining the roster, making their debut appearance in this trailer.

The brawny Android 16 and the chill Android 18 are their own characters, while Android 17 pops up to fight alongside Android 18 during the battle. All three figure heavily into the story, which looks as dramatic as your usual Dragon Ball storyline. Some major evil has befallen the world, something that even our favorite super Saiyan Goku might be no match for. (If this guy dies again at some point, as the trailer hints, we wouldn’t be surprised.)

Arc System Works is developing this 2.5D fighter. It looks to draw heavily from Guilty Gear, which makes sense; Arc System Works is best known for working on that one-on-one fighting franchise. But Dragon Ball fans who have never played one of those games will still appreciate the attention to anime detail; this game looks like the anime in motion moreso than any previous Dragon Ball titles.

Dragon Ball FighterZ will be available on PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One.

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