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Arms’ new fighter is a human balloon animal

Plus a free trial this weekend

Call Arms — Nintendo Switch’s premier fighting game — what you want, but you can’t call it lacking in creativity. The game’s next free update introduces a new playable character, the inflatable Lola Pop.

Lola Pop looks like a cross between a pop star and a walking balloon, which isn’t us being judgmental; Nintendo describes her as a “street-performing pugilist” and a “well-traveled clown” in a press release. She’s all bright colors and inflatable limbs, with a color scheme reminiscent of candy. It helps that her debut trailer is set on Arms’ cookies- and candy-filled arena, which is also coming in the game’s new update.

We’re going to go hunt down some macarons now, thanks to Lola Pop. But first: Nintendo will usher in the new character with another Arms free trial. Switch owners can download the Global Testpunch app from the eShop to try out the game from this Friday, Aug. 25 at 8 a.m. PT until 2 p.m. PT on Sunday, Aug. 27. It’s the first time that Nintendo has given people a chance to check out Arms since just before it launched in June.

If you already have the game, keep an eye out for the Arms version three update, which will add Lola Pop into the ring. Just try not to actually pop her; she’s a balloon, after all.

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