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The SNES Classic’s ’90s-tastic trailer shows off its built-in rewind feature

Everyone old is new again

The mini SNES Classic Edition pre-orders have started at some retailers, and Nintendo has released an official trailer for the console that shows off some of its many neat features.

The trailer’s style mimics the ’90s feel of classic Nintendo advertising, which was an unfortunate stylistic choice even at the time. At least it feels nostalgic if you grew up in the era. You can also check out features like the ability to rewind your game and user-selectable borders that frame the image on widescreen televisions if you keep the games’ original 4:3 aspect ratio.

How does rewind work?

Each game gets four save slots, which can rearranged or even locked to make sure no one erases your hard work. Games can be saved at any time, although the built-in save points from the classic games have been maintained as well.

“The save slots also record at least a minute of footage, so you can mess up, save and then rewind to the point when things were looking peachy,” our hands-on preview with the hardware explained. “In longer games, like The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, extra footage is saved, up to a few minutes.”

You can watch the feature in action in the animation below:

The SNES Classic Edition will be released on Sept. 29 for $79.99. You can read more about it in our hands-on preview.

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