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Watch Overwatch’s new animated short starring Mei

Rise and shine, Mei

Blizzard released a new animated short for Overwatch today called “Rise and Shine.” It focuses on Mei, everyone’s favorite frosty, cheery scientist.

“Rise and Shine” details Mei’s backstory at Ecopoint: Antarctica, her nine years in cryogenic sleep and her heartbreaking realization about the fate of Overwatch. The roughly 10-minute short film dives into the creation of her Endothermic Blaster and her journey back to Overwatch (plus it may include a pretty good future Mei skin candidate).

A word of warning, though: Like “The Last Bastion,” Mei’s hopeful animated short can get emotional, so have a few tissues nearby if you’re happy-cry-inclined or have any feelings at all about Snowball.

The last animated short from Blizzard, “Infiltration,” was released back in November 2016 to commemorate the release of Sombra.

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