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Corny Madden NFL 18 vs. Tecmo Super Bowl video still has a kernel of truth

Can’t wait to play it? Yes, you can ...

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Fair warning, this video is stuffed with corny generational jokes and pop culture asides. That doesn't mean it isn’'t true. And the truest part of it is the comparison of just how goddamn long it takes to get to the title screen, a quarter century after Tecmo Super Bowl’s debut.

All that is missing from The D-League’s comparison of Tecmo Super Bowl then to Madden NFL 18 today is the “you can play it while it installs” charade retailed by Microsoft and Sony. For sports, it means you can play an offline demo between the league's defending champions. The first time we saw this, with NBA 2K14 on the PlayStation 4, people thought the game was broken.

And that’s after you navigate the shrinkwrap, another cruelty brought to you by the consumer packaging makers of America (motto: Did you steal this? Looks to us like you stole it.)

As cornball as some of the other humor is, there's some truth to that, too. About three Christmases ago, Dad asked me to bring over my Xbox 360 and show him what I spent so much time writing about and doing. Trying to teach him NFL Blitz was impossible. The flip side is, no one buys a console with this kind of power, and a $60 game, for a one-button mode, either.

All of this is to say: No loving parent would ever use Bo Jackson against their child. It only continues the cycle of violence.

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