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Please enjoy this giant Pikachu dance battle

We’re not worthy

What can’t the giant Pikachu do? They can hock vending machines. They can run relay races. They can do menial intern tasks. Even their failures are endearing. And now, it turns out that the squad of costumed Pokémon are fantastic dancers, too.

To promote the next Pokémon trading card game set, Sun and Moon — Burning Shadows, the Pokémon Company has pitted the giant Pikachu troupe against Team Skull, the fresh-as-hell antagonists of Pokémon Sun and Moon. We already know them to be fast on their feet — remember when Skull’s boss Guzma reposted in the wrong Pokémon region?

Ah. Yes.

Anyway, Guzma, his admin Plumeria and some grunts tear it up against a quintet of very contented Pikachu. It’s like Pokémon’s very own Step Up. Or House Party. Or Breakin’. Or Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo.

I could go on.

It doesn’t matter if you’re into Pokémon cards, or even Pokémon, to enjoy this fantastic dance battle. So please, go ahead and enjoy.

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