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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle has a $20 season pass

Unique items today, more content coming later this year and into the next

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle artwork
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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle publisher Ubisoft now offers a season pass. The $19.99 add-on will get you a few trinkets at launch, with the promise of more game content later on.

The XCOM-inspired, turn-based role-playing game puts guns in the hands of Nintendo’s cuddly cast of characters for the first time. They’re joined by Ubisoft’s Rabbids, and will have to fight to restore order to their respective worlds.

Those who purchase the add-on will have access to a special set of eight unique steampunk-themed weapons right out of the gate. Later in the year they’ll also receive a set of challenge maps, and maps designed for cooperative play. Finally, a new set of story-based content will drop sometime next year. No word on whether or not any of this will be available without the Season Pass.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is a platform exclusive on the Nintendo Switch. It launches on Aug. 29.

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