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The Yakuza team is making a Fist of the North Star game

Coming to PlayStation 4 next year

The team behind Yakuza series is working on a new game based on Fist of the North Star (aka Hokuto no Ken) for PlayStation 4, Sega announced today. Titled Hokuto ga Gotoku, the game will see series protagonist Kenshiro embarking on an original adventure.

Hokuto ga Gotoku tells the story of the city of Eden, an idyllic refuge in the post-apocalyptic world of Fist of the North Star. Kenshiro travels to this faraway city in the hopes of finding his lost love Yuria, rumored to be among those living in Eden. Unlike the wastelands of the outside world, Eden and nearby Sphere City continue to thrive — and in Yakuza-like fashion, are home to an entertainment district.

Takaya Kuroda, the voice actor who plays Kazuma Kiryu in the Yakuza series, will voice Kenshiro in Hokuto ga Gotoku.

Hokuto ga Gotoku is coming to PS4 in 2018. Watch the game’s debut trailer, which is heavy on action but leans into some Yakuza-style humor, above.

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