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Here’s what’s included in ReCore: Definitive Edition

Coming to Xbox One and Windows PC on Aug. 29

recore Comcept/Microsoft
Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

ReCore: Definitive Edition was announced a week ago during Microsoft’s Gamescom keynote. Yesterday, Comcept detailed exactly what that will mean when the game arrives Aug. 29.

It starts with “Eye of Obsidian,” a new chapter in the game’s main story. It takes players to a previously unexplored region of Far Eden, the game’s world. That’s followed by two new overworlds, 10 new dungeons, and a sandstorm region where surviving the storms and dangerous enemies delivers valuable loot.

The T8-NK Corebot, called Tank, was also mentioned at Gamescom. It’s joined by new Prismatic Cores for more gameplay rewards. Also, players will see them on their map from greater distances.

Speaking of distances, players can now cover them a lot faster thanks to three new fast travel nodes. These nodes will also let players make stash transfers, swap cores and configure their companion party, tasks the player used to do only at the Sandcrawler.

This is in addition to many other smaller features, fixes, enhancements and polish. Comcept posted all of the details yesterday.

ReCore had a lot of buzz following a surprise E3 2015 announcement loaded with cool visuals. Its 2016 launch didn’t go so hot, however. The big open world ReCore promised was disappointingly vacant, and parts of its supporting gameplay made the rest of it feel padded-out.

Maybe the Definitive Edition will complete the game. Those who bought the first ReCore will get all of the Definitive Edition’s content for free as an update. For those who didn’t, ReCore: Definitive Edition will be $19.99 when it launches Aug. 29. It will also be available on the Xbox Game Pass.

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