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Sony’s dropping the price of PlayStation VR

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Everyone gets a PlayStation Camera

PlayStation VR headset Sony Interactive Entertainment

The cost of PlayStation VR is officially dropping on Sept. 1, Sony announced today. A new bundle featuring the PlayStation VR headset and PlayStation Camera will be released next month for $399 in the U.S. and CA$499 in Canada.

Sony’s other existing bundle, which includes the virtual reality headset, camera, a pair of PlayStation Move controllers and a copy of PlayStation VR Worlds, will also see a price reduction from $499 to $449 in the U.S. That bundle will cost CA$579 in Canada.

Sony launched PlayStation VR last year with a $399 price point. That base package only included the headset, not the required PlayStation Camera, so the new bundle means an effective price drop of roughly $50 to $60. While the PlayStation Camera has a $59.99 suggested retail price, some retailers sell it for less.

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