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Xbox One’s launch edition no longer for sale

Original design no longer offered on Microsoft’s store

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Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

The original Xbox One is no longer for sale.

Though Microsoft stopped making that version of the console when it introduced the Xbox One S in August 2016, the original Xbox One had been available on store shelves and through Microsoft's online store as recently as last week. Microsoft discounted the unit immediately after the S was announced at E3 2016 in order to clear out old stock.

"As is typical for the console industry, we stopped manufacturing the original Xbox One when we introduced Xbox One S," Microsoft said in a statement when asked about the product's end.

This clears the way for the Nov. 7 launch of the Xbox One X, a more powerful edition of the console. The Xbox One S comes in a white case, the Xbox One X in black, and both are slimmer and smaller than the boxy design of the original Xbox One, criticized before it even launched.

Pre-orders for the Xbox One X opened last week, including for a "Project Scorpio" special edition reflecting the new console's development code name.