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Get yourself a Marshadow for Pokémon Sun and Moon this fall

The newest little legendary can be yours

marshadow The Pokémon Company

The first chance to get Marshadow, one of the newest legendary Pokémon, is coming this October. GameStop will have codes to unlock Marshadow in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon, and it will come with a special Z-Crystal item to boot.

Marshadow’s release will come just weeks before Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, the continuations of last year’s mainline Pokémon entries. The Pokémon Company has teased the series’ only ghost- and fighting-type for several months, however, revealing it in full this spring. Dataminers first uncovered Marshadow a few weeks after Sun and Moon launched last fall.

Like its previous Pokémon giveaways, GameStop will hand out physical code cards to customers in-store. These will be available from Oct. 9-23. There’s no word on if these giveaways codes are limited to one per person, but you can usually circumvent these kinds of restrictions by visiting as many local GameStops as you can ... but you didn’t hear that from us, of course.

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