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Mario + Rabbids’ intro proves that brotherly love beats all

Step aside, Peach

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is a surprising success, according to critics, and it proves that from the very start. The game has one heck of an involved intro that’s sweet in several ways — and shows who the most important person in Mario’s life really is.

There’s a lot going on in this six-minute cutscene, lorewise. It turns out that a Super Mario-obsessed young scientist is the culprit for combining the Rabbids’ world and Mushroom Kingdom, after her inventions go awry and open up a major wormhole that sucks up Mario and the crew.

It’s bizarre, but so is Kingdom Battle. We’ve come to accept this. But there’s a moment of pure humanity and familial affection that stands out: During that scene where Mushroom Kingdom is mired in chaos, Luigi, Peach and Yoshi are pulled toward the wormhole. As Mario sees his twin zoom toward the gaping hole in the sky, he grabs onto him as fast as he can.


What a good brother, guys. Here’s the most interesting part of it, too: Mario totally blows Peach off. Thinking back on all those times when Peach offered only the bare minimum of gratitude for Mario rescuing her, that seems about right. It’s funny that it took 30-plus years and Ubisoft taking a crack at the franchise for Mario to prove who he really loves the most, though.

Much as we love that tiny moment in the intro, though, we can’t let Kingdom Battle totally slide. It does give us Luigi dabbing, after all.


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