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Netflix’s Final Fantasy 14: Daddy of Light has been renamed, and we’re heartbroken

Our Daddy is a Daddy no more

final fantasy 14: daddy of light Final Fantasy 14: Daddy of Light Production Committee

A soapy retelling of a father and son bonding over Final Fantasy 14 doesn’t sound like my typical flavor of fall TV. But this Japanese Netflix drama is called Final Fantasy 14: Daddy of Light, so it naturally became one of my most anticipated shows. Or at least, it was when it was first announced earlier this year — it turns out Netflix has shortened the title for the show’s upcoming Western release.

Now our Daddy has become our Dad, regrettably. The show will be known overseas as Final Fantasy 14: Dad of Light, a way less catchy title.

There’s something seemingly symbolic about that name change: It’s as if in its transition to the English-language Netflix, the show grew out of diapers, started picking out its own outfits, and learned that the world is hell and we should all be self-conscious about everything.

We all have have to drop “Daddy” eventually, I guess. It’s just too bad that us stateside viewers didn’t get the chance to spend any time with Daddy of Light before it became a Dad instead.

The rest of the show should remain intact when it premieres on Netflix Sept. 1. Hopefully the name change won’t impede my enjoyment too much, although I have my doubts.